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We produce DVDs that combine great film techniques with captivating music and special effects.  They are truly Hollywood productions with the newest technology, yet at affordable prices. We began with horse videos and, in this competitive market, used special effects to capture the  buyer’s attention. We invite you to watch a trainer morph into a horse, see an impressionistic  painting become a trotting horse and then turn back into a painting, and many other delights  designed to keep the viewer/buyer glued to the presentation. A horsewoman herself, Bette  knows what footage to shoot to best show the horse’s qualities. Our weddings are very special and we take time to find out just what the couple wants to see in  their wedding video. Weddings are captured with artistic flair and sound tracked with lovely  music. The complete ceremony is recorded and produced in its entirety for the  couple to relive  every moment, every vow. A shorter version is produced, resembling a music video, for friends  and relatives to enjoy. In our family memory videos, we have found that some of the footage that people want us to  incorporate is poor in quality and greatly degraded with age, yet we are able to enhance it  enough with filters, etc., to make it usable.  We design and develop creative and eye-catching websites which include animation and dynamic  interactive properties to engage the viewer. Our web site is on the first  page of Google for many key words. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is an art and science of  the ever-changing algorithms employed by the search engines.  Click on the wedding picture to the right to see sample videos, click on the picture below it to  view sample web sites, and on the bottom picture to view some of our Web Site and DVD add-  ons.
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